harmony + space

Experience a facial magically mixed with reflexology, energy esthetics, tension release, and facial support that allows transformational harmony of your face, neck, decollete & spirit. Give your skin the space to breathe with holistic techniques & guidance from practices such as Chinese Medicine Gua Sha & Tao 5 Element concepts, Vietnamese Facial Reflexology, Indian Ayurveda principles, lymphatic drainage, whole plant based skin nutrients, stone healing & loving touch. Includes hand, arm, foot and scalp therapy.

90 Minutes

light +

A facial experience blending the magic of light & energy of Microcurrent power and LED light emitting diodes allow skin boosts on a cellular level. Sculpt, tone & lift and stimulate healthy cellular function. Fruit enzymes feed the skin while encouraging cell renewal.

90 Minutes

renew + refresh

Rejuvenating facial classically crafted with fruit exfoliation & additional skin renewal support with tension melting massage of the face, neck and decolette. Includes advanced  modalities plus face, neck, shoulder, hand, arm therapy and extractions if needed

90 Min | 2+ advanced modalities & foot therapy
60 Min |  1 advanced modality


May be added to any facial.

 Anatomy Based Brow Design Wax & Color

Facial Waxing: Nose, Lip, Cheeks, Chin


virtual rituals


Online one- on- one facial rejuvenation tutorial.A
guided full routine to add to your beauty ritual for life.

Includes facial tool with initial session

60 min

Choose from the following:

Gua Sha


Kansa Wand



Jessica is trained in a variety of facial modalities to offer you an all encompassing treatment, including traditional Chinese Medicine methods to modern technology such as LED + microcurrent. Read below to learn more.

Chinese Medicine practice dating back 3,000 years Gua Sha has continued to be an effective approach to skin rejuvenation. Revered for the ability to move stagnant Qi not only in the body, but also the face. Specific patterns drain, lift, and sculpt using lymphatic lymph drainage and supplying the tissues with inner nourishment. Working along meridians to release and move toxins out and nutrients in. Trained in the Nefeli sequence developed by Dr. Ping Zhang. Her knowledge of Gua Sha passed down from her family.

The lymphatic system does not have a pump, and therefore it often needs encouragment through healthy lifestyle habits. Vodder MLD is performed on the skin to assist this underlying system that is superficial and close the skin. Working in a methodical pattern and pressure, the Vodder technique precisely encourages the drainage of lymphatic fluid by clearing the old and bringing in nutrients, promoting blood flow, and oxygenating the cells. This gives the skin a boost of optimal functioning by working the pump below, like a free-flowing drain unencombered by any stagnation of excess fluid or derbis.

Fascia & Connective tissue massage helps to lift and lock key muscles of the face to mimic a natural facelift effect. Massage is the key to maintaining skin radiance and lifted appearance. These areas under the skin, when released, give way for healthy, supple, and plump skin.

Developed by NASA, the LED panel promotes regeneration & healing of the skin and underling foundation through light therapy, giving new life to the cell through red, blue, green, and peach color light emitting diodes. LED gives energy to the cells creating an atmosphere for healing, bacteria reduction, collagen & elastin production and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Microcurrent is a low electrical current that resonates with our bodies own electrical frequencies. It stimulates the ATP or energy in the cells, supplying the mitchondria (or powerhouse of the cell) with nutrients & the ability to optimally function. Lifts, tones, sculpts by working the fascia & muscles.

Traditional Vietnamese  & original facial reflexology method created by Professor Chau, aims to balance the yin & yang of the face Qi by working the body, mind & spirit from the inside out. Chau developed Dien Chan by connecting various complex internal systems and noting points on the face corresponding to these systems. If the inner body is balanced by regulating the nervous system, the skin reflects this pattern of harmony internally. Chau’s studies in Accupuncture, he was able to mimic the affects without the use of needles and instead with various reflexology tools.

The connective tissue is distributed throughout the body, forming tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fat, and even contributing to blood and lymph. With proper technique this tissue is massaged to decrease “tangles” that are created and prevent fluid movement of body part, and lymph flow, even on the face, neck & chest. When the tissue is smoother, so is the skin above, allowing fresh bodily nutrients to flow. ” As is above is so below.”

The focus is on the concept of  the Tao including passive yin (presence) which helps to mobilize the yang (energy)  that becomes blocked in our tissues causing congestion and skin related issues. Developed by Jade Adkins of the Tao Institute of Body Work through her studies with Dr. Pang and interpretations of the Tao Te Ching by Laozi, the 5 elements are addressed by level  in the body, thus contributing to skin health by releasing blockages for free flowing of nutrients and calming restorative energy to the skin through compassionate & mindful touch of the face, neck & decollete. 

A method created by Jackie Van Ruler utilizes core concepts from Dien Chan Multireflexology  mixed with the Chinese 5 Element concepts of Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Wood. These two  systems combined balance the inner state of the being and focus on rejuvenating the skin from the inside out. 

Developed by Lone Jorenson, this method includes a mix of  traditional Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese reflexology concepts to rejuvenate the skin through precise meridians and points. Including the 5 traditional elements and various color & Chakra systems for optimal balance. 

Removal of peach puzz and a layer of skin revealing ultimate smooth texture & a glowing complexion.

Tool created with one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems Ayurveda. Ayurveda originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. This cleansing tools is made from therapeutic metals of copper, tin and bronze to move energy in the skin and balance, mind, body, and spirit. The bronze creates harmony in the skin by drawing out acidity. Vital points or marma points are stimulated to increase vitality on the skin. This process is accompanied with cleansing oil or during massage.

The utilization of fine cut crushed diamonds to lightly exfoliate the skin to encourage cell regeneration, creating a smooth glow and foundation for optimal skin nutrient absorption.