Hi! I’m Jessica Schaefer, Owner & Esthetician of Skin Care By Jessica for 11 years now. I am a San Diego native and Integrative Wholistic Esthetician.
I believe that the most important part of skin care is caring for the whole body. A relaxing, somatic experience where a client can be directed into parasympathetic state or more simply “rest and digest” is the most healthy way to manage our skin.
When the  body, or your whole being- mind, body, spirit can take space to regenerate your skin follows, emerging renewed.
Trained + Certified in a multitude of   facial tension release techniques and detoxifying methods,  Jessica will guide your skin treatment with support for optimal functioning  in the comfort of gentle and caring hands.
  When the foundation below your skin, the muscles, tissues, fascia and tendons are more supple, your skin above will have the nurturing support below allows the skin to flourish above.

   In our chaotic lives, often times what we crave most are moments to unwind, accepting nurturing, and surrendering to allowing yourself to just be.

    My priority is to pamper you and give you exceptionally, healthy glowing skin from the inside out by offering you skin transformations and whole body bliss.

I look forward to holding space for you!

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